Single - "To Be Mine"

“Brighton's Fond Of Rudy have a real sense of ambition in their sound.”

“Drenched in synths and a heavily influenced 80s vibe – in the best way possible, the single is beautifully produced.”

Single - "L O V E"

“Fond of Rudy channel sweet and soulful soul jam vibes on new cut - L O V E.”

“L O V E - a sweetened cut of down-tempo alternative pop that combines 80s motifs and reflective lyrics into Fond of Rudy’s own distinctive sound.”

“Vocals float smoothly over the band’s luminous textures creating a bold and delicate track.”

“A bold and delicate track, showcasing 80’s power pop in full flesh.”

Single - "OMG!"

“OMG! feels like sunshine in a box; shimmery, sparkly and full of energy.”

“OMG! is the ultimate indie pop summer jam.”

“They’re still a budding group, but Brighton/London-based four-piece Fond of Rudy has made waves with their recent single releases.”

“The breezy tone and story-telling lyrics will let you listen all year around.”

“Huge funky vibe and one you will nod to subconsciously.”

“OMG it’s a new Fond of Rudy track.”


“The four-piece sounds like summer in a bottle.”

“A melodic palette of dark sounding low end synth and bright guitar melody to leave you with a blend of dance and infectious 80s-esque rhythms.”

“The incredible hooks throughout lend themselves to sitting well in any pop circle.”

“The contrast between the dark synths and sunny guitars, provide an intense experience of pure indie pop.”

“Another irresistibly catchy and simply gorgeous single.”

Single - "T H E L I N E"

“A very infectious 80's feel.”

“Outrageously catchy pop songs, things that linger in the imagination and burrow ever-more-deeply.”

“With an insanely catchy chorus and a shimmering guitar riff, this is an earworm of the highest order.”

“Layering angelic backing vocals on top of the crisp indie melody provides an insight into the bands blend of genres.”

“Summery jangly pop, catchy beats and lustrous guitar sounds.”

Single - "Are You Ready?"

“The best of good and smart ’80’s pop.”

“Upbeat and sunny new single.”

“Fond of Rudy pose the question Are You Ready on their new single.”

“Dancey, catchy beats and the little interspersed 'hey's are cute - be ready.”